• Hamam Turkish bath

    Hamam Turkish bath

    For those who want feel the fabulous east for a loose hour

    Among all, this is one of the most pleasant massage, purifies the skin like no other. The low temperature relaxing a steam bath is followed by wet rubbing on heated stone bed. Traditionally we continue with a soapy massage, and then the skin is washed off with cold and hot water. The Hamam Treatment provides refreshment on its own, but can be the perfect prelude to one of the oil massage treatments.
    The Hamam + oil massage treatment takes 90 + 40 minutes.


    90 min


    11.000 HF

    130 min


     18.000 HF

  • Yang harmony facial treatment

    Yang harmony facial treatment

    Regenerating and relaxing treatments for men
    For men who know that strain leaves visible traces on their skin as well and want to get rid of pent-up tensions.
    The skin is cleansed by fine herbal essences, and then treated with a gentle but thorough skin refreshing to enable the substances to reach the appropriate layers.For the soothing, stress-relieving massage 100 percent pure essential oils are used, and apart from the facial and neck aria, also the acupressure points of ears are involved.To regulate the seborrhea a clay mask is blended that will provide the minerals and trace elements for the skin needed in the next couple of days.
    The substances: lavender, frankincense, fennel, avocado, antioxidant jojoba, clary sage, Santal


    60 min



    11.000 HF


  • Aromatic, relaxing body massage

    Aromatic, relaxing body massage

    The composition of grips in Aromatherapy massage

    The refreshing and reposing, relaxing massage provides a perfect relaxation and replenishment to the body and soul, with an appropriately prepared composition of essential oils and by dissolving even the tiniest tensions in the body.



    60 min


    11 000 HF

    90 min


    16 500 HF